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"A community's fight against breast cancer"

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Seymour Pink...

It all began with a simple fundraising goal. The goal was to raise the most money for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk in Boston, Massachusetts. This small goal turned into a community's outreach to FIGHT a horrific disease: breast cancer. In the fall of 2009, the small town of Seymour, located in South Central Connecticut, proclaimed a date in October as a SEYMOUR PINK DAY. The goal was to play off the name of our town and to SEE MORE PINK in hopes of raising awareness of this devastating disease. What happened along the way was much bigger than a single day in October, when a town would SEE MORE PINK. What happened was the birth of SEYMOUR PINK INC...a community's fight against breast cancer. In the spring of 2010, Seymour Pink, Inc. became "official" so to speak as We were granted 501 (c) (3) non profit status.

To date, through our fundraising efforts, we have raised well over $440,000 in the FIGHT against breast cancer. We have made substantial donations to local hospitals, such as Yale's Smilow Cancer Institute and Hewitt's Breast Cancer center at Griffin Hospital. We have fought alongside individuals personally fighting the cancer battle by helping to defray some of the financial burden. Comfort kits are delivered to those who have heard those life altering words, "You have breast cancer." In addition to our fundraising efforts and personal assistance, We have awarded several scholarships to High school students in the community whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. As we stand here today, we make a commitment to FIGHT as long as is necessary, until cancer is found only in history books.

Recent News...

Today, breast cancer took another life. Today, our Seymour Pink community loss a FIGHTER, a friend, a board member. Today, Heather Grosner Bruno lost her ...battle with metastatic breast cancer. From the moment Heather was diagnosed at the age of 40 with metastatic breast cancer she knew in her heart, it would be the biggest battle she would ever fight. She knew the odds were against her but she NEVER gave up. Over the past year of her 3 year battle, each day was either treatment or scan, treatment or scan. Yet through all the pain the barbaric treatments brought and disappointments, when the scan would show little response or no response from those treatments, she kept fighting. She kept HOPE alive. She did so because she has 3 beautiful children who were her life! She fought because she wanted to continue to teach her children that life is worth fighting for and giving up is not an option. One of the many legacies she leaves her children!

At our 5k this past October 4th, Heather fought doing the 5k in a wheelchair. Her pride and independence didn't fit in a wheel chair BUT she knew more important than her pride, was showing her children and showing this community that YOU NEVER GIVE UP. If you are going to lose a battle, it is because it is taken from you. Today, breast cancer took her life away from her, from her children, her family, and from all of us but not her HEART, not her HOPE and not her FIGHT. Today we carry on Heather's HEART, today we carry on Heather's HOPE, today we carry on her FIGHT...! Today this community reaffirms its commitment to fight till we win! Rest in peace Heather and thank you for all you gave to the Seymour Pink community! With all our love, a grateful community.